Monday, August 3, 2009


GRECO SE-500, 1978 Fujigen made Greco Strat 68 model. JAPANESE VINTAGE. Good condition, but metal parts have a bit rusted. The electric circuits are fine too. This is lucky good tone guitar. If you are looking for the good condition JV guitar. This is it wish proper pricing. Around 30 years old Greco. It shows the history of JV guitars.

This one is among the finest examples of a Japanese lawsuit era Greco Super Sounds electric guitar. It doesnt get any better than this. Greco is the company that made these guitars so well in the 70's, they made the American guitar company executives cry!..ha ha ha.. Everyone knows that the American guitar companies were in a slump as far as quality in the 70's. Not Greco! This guitar represents their golden age! Greco guitars are still affordable, and built like a dream. Every beautiful curve of this instrument is flawless. The Natural ash body still shining too! Try to find a similar 70's vintage guitar that hasn't turned to another color. And in the Greco line, only the SUPER SOUNDS model has a four-bolt, large headstock spec.

The guitar is in good used condition via 3 decades. Small dings here and there. This guitar bends strings very easily too, perfect for any kind of music genre. The pickups are the legendary stock pickups Excels that make these Greco's sound so good. Its hard to find this guitar now.. SOLD

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